End users gain confidence that their 3D printing model will be printed according to their wishes

Smarter printer
Customers can fix their model themselves or apply our API corrections to solve the problems.
Save money
An incorrectly printed model is a waste of time and materials

What is Smarter3DPrint?

Smarter3DPrint is an embeddable cross-platform library that makes it possible to validate, correct and optimize a 3D model at the print preparation step. A report about problems found and changes made is generated by the library. This report proves that the potential printing problems are caused by the model itself and not by the printing equipment.

Key benefits of Smarter3DPrint

  • repairs and optimizes models before they are sent to a printer
  • can be configured for a particular printing or scanning device
  • saves time and materials
  • eco-friendly
  • boosts customer satisfaction

How It Works

Typical workflow with Smarter3DPrint

Hole Repair




How to make Smarter3DPrint work best with a particular 3D printing device?

All 3D printers have their own aspects when it comes to rendering models. Smarter3DPrint easily takes these aspects into account by creating a special configuration profile for every device. The profile defines a list of actions that are applied to the model to achieve the best printing results on a particular device. We are also offering the on-demand custom solutions.

Can Smarter3DPrint library also improve the results of 3D scanning?

The result of 3D scanning can be repaired or optimized automatically before it is delivered to a customer or sent to a printing device. 3D scanning software can embed Smarter3DPrint library the same way as 3D printing software.

List Of Actions

Verifications and Corrections of 3d-printing model

ActionProblem that can be detected by the actionCan be fixed
Unify normalsProblem that can be detected by the actionv
Hole RepairCheck if geometry is watertight. If not, repair all holesv
VolumeCheck if geometry has any volume. If not, remove all excess facesv
OverlappingCheck if geometry has selfintersections. Try to fix itv
ThicknessCheck if geometry has sufficient thickness. If not, try to fix itv
RemeshCheck the number of triangles, add or remove triangles to achive the desired rangev
Stable checkCheck if geometry is stable on the plane. If not, try to fix itv
CustomAny customer-specific action on request

Optimizing the model

ActionOptimization type
SmoothSmooth the object to reduce noise and sharp angles by different algorithms
SimplifyReduce the number of triangles by different criterias
HollowingMake the geometry hollow to reduce the cost of printing
Boolean OperationsUnion, Difference, Intersection of several geometries
CustomAny customer-specific action on request

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